Monday, December 1, 2014

Nutcracker December 2014 Blog Train Freebie!!

December is upon us already, and with it, the monthly Pixel Scrapper Blog Train!! This month, the theme is "Nutcracker" and the color palette is fun! I decided I wanted to draw out a nutcracker, just
a nutcracker and maybe a stocking or two. When I was done, I thought, he looks cute. But, he looked lonely, so I decided to make him a mouse king. The mouse king looked cute too, then I drew some
Christmas trees and some stars, then I was done. I finished up with the rest of the kit (I only had
two days to do the whole kit). When I was making the previews and getting ready to upload everything, my hubby walks by and sees the preview and says, "Where is the ballerina girl?" I told
him I was done, and he said "you can't have a Nutcracker kit with a nutcracker and the mouse king and not have the girl". It bugged me. I tried to just go on, but I couldn't. I felt guilty,haha. Soooo, I grabbed some paper and a pencil and drew a ton of ballerina girls (I'm not the best doodler in the world) until I finally had one I liked. When I put her in the kit, I felt good. I felt happy. The gang was there, at least I hope that was all of them, or the main ones, anyway.....I am happy with it! I hope you will be as well, and can use it in your scrapping and designs. My part consists of 10 papers and 45 elements.

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DOWNLOAD at Pixel Scrapper

Don't forget to grab all the other contributions to this super fun "Nutcracker December
2014 Blog Train" at Pixel Scrapper, and don't forget to leave some
love to all the fabulous designers that participated!! Merry Christmas to each
and everyone of your families, and may Jesus be celebrated with much praise
and rejoicing this blessed season:)!!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our House November 2014 Blog Train Freebie!!

I can't believe October is coming to a close already. I have been extremely busy this month and the
time just seems to always FLY by, and now we are entering a new month, and a new Pixel Scrapper 
blog train!! This month's theme is "Our House" and its about anything pertaining to owning a home. Whether its redecorating, renovating, moving, buying, selling, well, you get the idea!! Also, our 
houses are our sanctuary, our own "happy place". So, I really love this theme, there is just sooooo
much that can be done with it!! Here is my part:

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Don't forget to run over to Pixel Scrapper to grab the other portions of
"Our House November 2014 Blog Train" from our most fabulous designing community,
 and as always, don't forget to leave some love!!! 
Happy November to you all and may God bless you all during this month
as we ponder all the things in life we can be most thankful for!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Art October 2014 Blog Train Freebie + Free Doodle Brush Set!!

Here is my portion of the Autumn Art Oct. 2014 Blog Train:) 

When I saw the colors and theme, it made me think "art 

journaling". Now, I know nothing about art journaling or where to

 begin, so I googled it and boy did it open up a whole new world

 for me!!! I grabbed a pad
and color pencil (it was darker than a pencil, so I thought it would be better), obviously I am still in the learning process, and began doodling outside while my son was playing in the yard. I doodled what I thought about when I thought of "Autumn" and had so much fun doing it. Then my daughter came over and we used every medium we could think of for papers...we used crayons, color pencils, paint, a misting pen marker thing (not sure what it is called, I got it at a yard sale,haha), watercolors, markers and whatever we could think of. We played all day and boy do I have A LOT of textures, brushes and overlays that will be coming soon from this. So I used a few of the papers we made, scanning them and making overlays from them for this kit. It really was A LOT of fun and now I may actually be addicted, lol!!!! I made brushes out of the doodles I drew, and put them here as well, so be sure to grab them. I hope you like them and have fun using them in your designs and scrapping, and don't forget to grab all the other parts to super fun 
and colorful blog train at Pixel Scrapper, it really is a very "artsy" blog train, I think this may be one of my favorites!!

DOWNLOAD at dropbox 
 DOWNLOAD at mediafire
The link has been fixed for mediafire:)
DOWNLOAD at Pixel Scrapper

DOWNLOAD at dropbox 

DOWNLOAD at mediafire
DOWNLOAD at Pixel Scrapper

Don't forget to leave some love for all the wonderful designers that participated, it is so very encouraging!:) May God bless you and all your families this week and be to you what you need according to His good will:)

Monday, September 1, 2014

At The Fair September 2014 Blog Train Freebie!!

Its that time for another fabulous blog train at Pixel Scrapper!! This time, the theme is "At The Fair"!! The color palette was a challenge for me, but turned out to still work in the's cute! And as usual, we had quite a turn out of designers who participated in this, so,  there is a lot, and its super awesome!!  So STEP RIGHT UP and enjoy all the parts to this super fun blog train!!!

Here is my part:

DOWNLOAD at dropbox.
DOWNLOAD at mediafire.
DOWNLOAD at Pixel Scrapper

My part consists of  27 elements and 8 papers. Don't forget to pick up all the other
parts HERE at Pixel Scrapper, and be sure to leave some love for all the
designers that participated!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Daydreams Inspiration + Freebie!!

Have you had a chance to check out my newest bundle "Summer Daydreams"? Be sure to grab it over
at Pixel Scrapper today:) Here is some fun inspiration from our fabulous Pixel Scrapper CT, and a few
others sharing their awesome layouts PLUS a FREEBIE  from our Cheer Team!!

By: Tina Shaw

By: Ania Archer

By: Ania Archer

By:Dana Desmond

By:De'ia Ferreira

By: Elif Sahin

By: Emily Silverman

By: Judy Daino

By: Kate Elouise Grass

By: Paula Kolarik

By: Tiffany Johnstone

By: Tiffany Johnstone

You can grab the bundle HERE at Pixel Scrapper:

And now for a freebie!

Grab it HERE on Amara's blog

Summer Daydreams- New Release At Pixel Scrapper!!

Even though we have officially moved from a super  fun summer, to the cooler days of autumn, I just
couldn't resist squeezing in one more summer bundle to end the season off!! This fun bundle is called "Summer Daydreams" and is filled with elements and papers that reflect the lazy days of summer, daydreams, imaginations, and dreaming big! Let your inner child out with this bundle, or just scrap those fun photos of
our children as they grow and dream moving into newer adventures in their lives. This bundle consists of
5 different kits, containing 93 elements, 19 patterned papers, 10 solid papers, 8 journal cards, and 16 fun

Be sure to grab all of this HERE at Pixel Scrapper!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

School Fun Bundle Just Released At Pixel Scrapper!!

With August here and all the excitement of school starting back,  my new "School Fun Bundle" will be perfect for those precious school photos of all of our little learners starting a new adventure and all us parents documenting every moment!! This super fun bundle consists of six kits, one Elements Kit (containing 121 unique elements, some are hand drawn school themed elements, and others very versatile for a variety of different photo ops), one Papers Kit (containing 17 school patterned papers and one pin board in .png format for pinning and tucking your fun photos under the crisscross ribbons), one Crinkled Solid Papers Kit (with 7 solid crinkled papers that are so fun to scrap with), one Solid Papers Kit (with 6 colorful solid papers that have been slightly distressed), one Journal Cards Kit (containing 10 really fun journal cards that are perfect for those project life type layouts), and finally one Word Art Kit (with 18 fun word art tidbits and labels). AND, this bundle was made with fun fall colors that can be used for both boys and girls! So be sure to run on over to Pixel Scrapper to get this awesome bundle!! 

Be sure to grab this HERE at Pixel Scrapper!!!